The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina by its Decision on Organization and Activities of the Council for Export Promotion of BiH ("Official Gazette of BiH", No. 98/06 and 56/09), has formed the Export Council of BiH (the Export Promotion Department acts as the Exporters Council of BiH). The Export Council of BiH has fifteen members, namely seven representatives of the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its Entities, as full members, and seven representatives of export oriented companies, as well as representatives of the Export Credit Agency (IGA BiH) and the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA BiH) as observers.

The Export Council of BiH has a coordinating and advisory role and initiates the resolution of problems and open issues of BiH exporters, and coordinates their resolution with other institutions. The Council at its sessions (at least 2-3 sessions per year) regularly reviews materials received from other relevant institutions, whose representatives attend and actively participate in the meetings, and the Export Council of BiH, to a certain extent, directs their work. Also, the BiH Export Council sends written recommendations, urgencies and inquiries to the relevant institutions, thereby initiating the resolution of important issues, often giving concrete proposals for resolving them.

In this way, the BiH Export Council gives the BiH exporters a chance to, in direct contact with state institutions, solve their problems and work on improving the export / business environment. They also have the opportunity to get to know each other and influence the work of the institutions themselves, making them closer to the users of their services. 

The main goals of the Export Council of BiH are: raising awareness about the importance of export promotion (EP); initiating the creation of an efficient institutional structure and a general environment for export promotion; monitoring the national export promotion strategy; monitoring and directing the work of the Export Promotion Agency (BH EPA) through the announcement of plans and reports; providing support to exporters; initiation of finding the best systemic and legal solutions related to export promotion, etc.